Sterile Processing Consults Solve Wet/Stained Packs

Wet Pack Surgical Processing Failure

Wet and stained instrument packs.

Determine causes of sterile processing failures. Detailed examination of the entire process with recommendations to correct the sources of the problems - not just remedies!

Sterile Processing Evaluations High Accuracy Calibrated Instrumentation

Sterilizer and washer/de-contaminator cycle function analysis.

Find out how your processing equipment is really performing and affecting your production. High accuracy instruments and reporting to show calibrations and performance through the cycles.

Autoclave Sterilizer Sterile Processing Evaluations Solve Wet Packs Stained Surgical Packs

Supporting utility analysis

Starting with the water delivered to the facility for washing equipment, water treatment for steam boilers, steam production and distribution to sterilizers; utilities and piping are examined to find deficiencies and recommend solutions to solve current issues and prevent future occurrences.